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Wild Discipline: The Werewolf Collection Penelope Syn

Wild Discipline: The Werewolf Collection

Penelope Syn

Published March 12th 2014
Kindle Edition
105 pages
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 About the Book 

Can you hear the wolves calling?Outside of here, in the dark places, in the green that is grey in the ghostly moonlight, out where the wild things are, they call.You can feel it in you, feel it in your heartbeat, feel it in the pulse, in the sound of your breath- you can feel it in the kiss of the wind on naked skin. It’s in your blood, in your mouth watering, and in your loins lusting. Strain your ears, and you might hear them far away, calling to one another. Calling to their kin – calling to you, perhaps?They say that once, there were men who became wolves. As the moon waxed full they would howl and go wild, and run with the pack. They were feral, savage, and dangerous. They would sate their lust for blood or sex on the hapless (or perhaps not so hapless) people they came across. They say that they ran with the wolves, that they were strong beyond measure, swifter than thought, more savage than the wolves themselves.Do you feel it, the hunger for blood, the lust for a mate? Do you hear the wolves calling, out under the moon? Do you want to run, kill, and fuck without restraint? Bring down a buck with your bare hands and teeth, drag the meat home and then thrust yourself into a willing woman wet with need for you? Ah you feel it…it’s good to feel like a wolf, isn’t it?There couldn’t be werewolves any more…because that would imply that they went away.They never went away.Hear them? They are calling you, child, calling you now, far across the tundra out here in the cold wild land! Tear off your clothes, feel the wind on your skin. Feel you sex get hot with lust, feel the thirst to hunt in your mouth! Now you must be the wolf, and if you meet one of us out there they will face you and master you, they will be the match for you. All of us feel this, all of us know it: the heat of your first change when you never felt so strong, never felt so alive! You will not grow fur or sprout fangs, but you will not need to!We are the werewolves. We are the wildness in your heart, the hunger in your loins. We can smell you, and you…you can smell us, feel the wildness stir inside you. Even the ordinary men and women feel the wildness when we are close. Now you cannot cage us…but we can collar and cage you, we can make you our pets, we can love you, even, and keep you safe…Just never challenge us.Because we are wolves.